HSE Mission Statement & Annual HSE Targets

HSE Mission Statement & Annual HSE Targets
HSE Mission Statement & Annual HSE Targets

APC conducts business in a manner that is committed to protect the safety of its personnel, clients and the environment. To ensure work is undertaken appropriately; it must be performed with APC’s Health, Safety & Environmental guidelines which are considered pillars to our successful operation.

These guidelines are used as policies that every APC employee is required and responsible to implement. Our HSE guidelines are built to ensure the employee’s safety and the protection of the surrounding environments.

  • Comply with HSE policies and standards as well as environmental regulatory requirements.
  • Incorporate HSE evaluations, risks & impact assessments within every business decision.
  • Communication - to ensure each and every employee understands HSE policies, risks and consequences. Communications, trainings and seminars are implemented throughout the year.

“Stop, Assess, Act Safely” – is our HSE slogan

Our promise & commitment to our customers, employees and communities is that we will act in the most responsible manner; positioning the health and safety of our people and environment as the number one priority throughout the capacity of our operation.

Our mission is to:

Integrate HSE consciousness into corporate attitude and promote leading by example. Incorporate HSE standards within every business decision from senior management levels to the operations and maintenance. Deliver a clear, wide-range and effective HSE policy that fosters the essence of conducting business in the safest, healthiest and most responsible approach. Continuously improve APC HSE performance and instill our HSE slogan “Stop, Assess, Act Safely” in all our employees and associates. Provide the means to make aware, educate and train APC personnel, contractors, and third-party staff working with or on behalf of APC Oilfield Services.

Annual HSE Target: ZERO – HSE Incidents

Our long term and annual HSE target is ZERO-HSE incidents. Our annual HSE goal is to achieve 365 safe operational days a year with no HSE injuries, accidents or work-related environmental contamination. This is a shared organizational target in which all business units collectively support and work to achieve. Our short term HSE target is to consciously assess our operational results and methods to focus on improving our HSE performance and policies, to instill our HSE focused mentality within our organization and to represent HSE as the number one priority through the means of our operations and personal responsibility towards our communities.