Relationship :

MCR Oil Tools, LLC was established in 1995, offering an alternative solution for all pipe recovery situations. MCR products are the safest and most effective means of Pipe Cutting in the industry offering Non-Explosive solutions for Severing and Perforating Down-Hole Tubulars. APC is a licensed customer of MCR Oil Tools.

Location :

Based in Arlington, Texas; MCR Oil Tools specializes in oilfield tools and products. MCR Oil Tools products include Radial Cutting Torch, Generator Safety Sleeve, Thermal Generator, Electro mechanical anchor, check fire panel, Phantom Mag Plugs, Perforating Torch Cutters and Radial Cutting Torches.

APC Oilfield Services

APC OFS is built to support the Energy sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, focusing on the Oil & Gas Industry.

We offer World Class services based on tested strategies and algorithms tailored to every need. Using Saudi resources and Saudi talent, we assure consistent excellence in every product and service we deliver.


APC OFS Headquarters:
6992 Al Sakha, Al Taawon
Al Khobar, 34632-3613
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Sun - Thur 7:00 am to 4:00 pm