HSE Mission Statement & Annual HSE Target

APC is a responsible organization that is committed to the safety of the people and the environment. It is dedicated to find solutions to conduct its business using protocols and methodologies that avoid causing any harm as a consequence.

“Stop, Assess, Act Safely” – is our HSE slogan

HSE Mission statement:

The following is our promise & commitment to our customers, employees and communities that we will act in the most responsible manner, positioning the health and safety of our people and environment as the number one priority throughout the capacity of our operation.

Our mission is to:

  • Integrate HSE consciousness into corporate attitude and promote leading by example
  • Incorporate HSE standards within every business decision from senior management levels to the operations and maintenance
  • Deliver a clear, wide-range and effective HSE policy that fosters the essence of conducting business in the safest, healthiest and most responsible approach
  • Continuously improve APC HSE performance and instill our HSE slogan “Stop, Assess, Act Safely” in all our employees and associates
  • Provide the means to make aware, educate and train APC personnel, contractors, and third-party staff working with or on behalf of APC Oilfield Services
  • Annual HSE Target: ZERO – HSE Incidents

    Our long term and annual HSE target is ZERO-HSE incidents. Our annual HSE goal is to achieve 365 safe operational days with no HSE injuries, accidents or work-related environmental contamination. This is a shared organizational target in which all business units collectively support and work to achieve it.

    Our short term HSE target is to consciously assess our operational results and methods to focus on improving our HSE performance and policies, to instill our HSE focused mentality within our organization and to represent HSE as the number one priority through the means of our operations and personal responsibility towards our communities.

    Management Structure

    APC Oilfield Services has an established Integrated Management System (IMS) that satisfies the requirements of the Quality Management System ISO 9001, and the Occupational Health & Safety Management System OHSAS 18001 in significance to our operations of Oilfield services and products.

    The APC Oilfield Services IMS is structured to enhance the HSE performance of the organization as a whole. Our IMS comprises of more than 10 HSE policies, reports and checklists that detail minimum HSE standards for controlling operational and environmental risks in our business.

    The HSE Employee Handbook is a documentation written for the purpose of detailing the correct procedures to perform work-related activities through safe, calculated and responsible methods. This Handbook is a mean of precaution and must be considered as the minimum required safety rules & standards. APC senior & operational management may specify additional HSE standards as seen fit for the operation.

    APC Integrated Management System & HSE Employee Handbook is communicated to all employees, consultants and third party personnel who work with or on behalf of APC.

    Download our certificates here:

    Health, Safety & Environmental Awareness Mentality

    Interdependent HSE culture:

    APC Oilfield Services operates under an HSE Interdependent culture where employees are encouraged to look out for their own safety and the safety of others around them.

    Our employees are trained to recognize and act against un-safe work conditions and safety hazards that pose as threats to them-selves and to their coworkers.

    APC Management incorporates HSE targets within the employee’s goals & objectives, this is to drive focus on HSE performance and entice employees to act and behave in a safe and responsible manner. APC management is working collectively with its employees to raise awareness and increase HSE performance through training, performance analysis and HSE audits. APC is dedicated to infuse HSE passion in employees to allow them to incorporate methods of protecting their safety in the workplace and at home.

    STOP WORK authority & HSE Observation cards

    APC engages employees in HSE by providing them the authority to “STOP WORK” whenever the working conditions become unsafe or safety hazards are presented. Employees are required to log in their HSE observations to bring awareness to unacceptable & unsafe work related activities within the facility, workshop or well site.

    STOP WORK authority is a program in which each employee reserves the right to reject or decline work or a task that he/she deems unfit or un-safe. STOP WORK authority also provides employees the right to stop the work of coworkers, third party personnel and contractors when un-safe circumstances and conditions are presented. APC management stands behind all APC employees in their right to practice their STOP WORK authority responsibly.

    Employees are encouraged to voice their HSE concerns and observations, they are the ones who are actively performing work-related tasks and activities and are the most qualified to identify safety hazards and concerns. APC management works closely on these observations to improve the HSE standards within the operations.

    APC Health, Safety & Environmental Policy

    APC conducts business in a manner that is committed to protect personnel and the environment. To ensure work is undertaken responsibly, it must be performed in line with APC’s Health, Safety & Environmental guidelines. These guidelines are considered to be pillars to our successful operation.

    Our HSE guidelines are built to guarantee the employee’s safety and the protection of the surrounding environment.

    APC Management, employees, consultants and third party personnel are required to:

    • Comply with HSE policies and standards as well as local environmental regulatory requirements
    • Incorporate HS&E evaluations, risks & impact assessments within every business decision
    • Communicate openly & ensure the understanding of HS&E policies, risks and consequences
    • Stop work where any possible harm may result as a consequence of a work-related activity
    • To follow appropriate and prompt response techniques to potential HSE injuries

    Management leads by example – each individual in the company is taken responsible of their actions in and out of company premises. APC deems all its employees responsible for appropriate HS&E conduct.

    APC Oilfield Services HSE Employee Handbook includes but is not limited to office safety guidelines, workshop safety guidelines, basic industrial safety guidelines, basic electric safety guidelines, well site guidelines, fire and emergencies guidelines, Wireline & perforating activity guidelines and vehicle safety guidelines.

    For more information on our HSE Employee Handbook kindly contact us on info@apcofs.com

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