Background and History

APC Oilfield Services is a Saudi company established in 2016, headquartered in the Eastern Province of the Kingdom, as a 100% Saudi owned and founded Company. The major Saudi Founder is a veteran of the Oil & Gas industry, with experience of over 2 decades ; serving some of the most powerful international giants in his field. APC is a company built to support the energy sector of the Kingdom, focusing on the Oil & Gas industry.

APC is set out to become one of the most prominent leaders in the Oil & Gas industry. With our vast knowledge and expertise in Oilfield services and products, we believe we can localize our country’s demand and be able to exceed our clients' expectations with regards to quality, delivery, efficiency and excellence. Our teams, along with our selected business partners, create a cell of superiority in the Oilfield equipment, technology, solutions and professionalism.


Our Mission is to help sustain our Kingdom’s energy production by localizing the Oil & Gas industry. We aim to transform the oilfield service provider platform by introducing a 100% Saudi Oilfield Service Provider that has the expertise and strength of foreign contractors, with the utilization of the Saudi youth and resources; we aim to increase local efficiency, local talent and local products. Our mission is to become leading influencers in the Saudi movement of becoming a self-sufficient economy through our decision to use the skills we have obtained and excel at and produce services that will fuel our economy and build a strong independent pipeline of Saudi professionals.


Our vision is to strengthen our business relationships and continuously seek improvement opportunities to enhance our technology, engineering and services. Thus, creating more opportunities for Saudi professionals and injecting awareness about the heart of our industry within our community. Our vision is to become the number one leading company in our field and to establish ourselves as the provider of choice to our customers.

APC Oilfield Services prides itself for being an advocate for local operations, services and products. We are established on the need to localize the Saudi Oil & Gas industry, hence, we have built our company on Saudi talent and resources. APC focuses on localization not just as a need but also as a strategy.


Quality Management System

APC has built a rigid and secure Quality Management System (QMS) that ensures our performance is consistent and that we are always operating in the most efficient & effective manner. Our QMS is built on four pillars of Quality Performance: Quality Planning, Quality Assurance, Quality Control and Quality Improvement. Our QMS is focused not only on product and service quality, but also on the methods to achieve it. APC is proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified.

Occupational Health & Safety

Safety is APC Oilfield Services’ #1 priority. For us to succeed, we must ensure that safety is considered in every action taken on the field and in the office. We consider the health & safety of our employees and clients, as well as the environment surrounding us (HSE), as priority and is vital for our long-term sustainability. APC has a zero tolerance policy for any HSE non-compliance and targets a yearly HSE zero incidents record. APC Oilfield Services has set up strong HSE policies that are in accordance with International standards for health & safety management systems certified by OSHASH 18001 :2007.

Core Values


By earning and maintaining the trust of our customers and employees through open communication and honest dialogue. Our objective is to reflect fairness, respect and the highest standards of ethical conduct. At APC we treat our employees with equality and respect, we embrace diversity and celebrate differences and we do not tolerate misconduct nor retaliation.


APC is committed to provide its employees a safe and respectful work environment. We ensure that all safety processes and procedures are in place for onsite and offsite services. APC conducts continuous safety trainings and seminars for its employees. Safety is an integral part of APC's culture.


Knowledge is power. We believe that for us to maintain our competitive edge and remain strong in our industry, R&D, technology and learning are the core building blocks to our success. Our employees are our most valuable assets, hence we ensure that they are always trained and are knowledgeable in their fields to meet our expectations as well as those of our customers.

Performance Excellence

We aim to exceed our clients' expectations with efficient performance that encompasses excelled quality, delivery and experience. We focus on the continuous improvement of our process as an organization and as individuals in areas of HS&E, service quality and business ethics.


APC conforms and is keen to aid the Kingdom's requirements of Saudization. Our Citizenship is our identity. APC OFS has established its human capital with intelligent, accountable and reliable local professionals. Our employees deliver on commitment and seek, as well as provide, constructive criticism targeted to develop and advance one another.

Keys to Success

Quality Control

Customer satisfaction is our main goal. Our corporate management diligently follows ISO & OSHAS specifications and are committed to provide sincere services and high quality products.

Efficient Production

We are always prepared to timely and efficiently serve our customers' needs. Our operations never sleep; we are ready to work 24 hours a day and 7 days a week to achieve on-time delivery.

Strong Business Relationships

The key factor in developing our effective business network is maintaining close links with our customers. Our success is achieved through the combination of our well organized management, strict quality control, timely delivery and most importantly the support of our customers. To additionally support our customers, we have built our facilities close to the customers’ active locations, and established our headquarters close to theirs.

APC Oilfield Services

APC OFS is built to support the Energy sector in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, focusing on the Oil & Gas Industry.

We offer World Class services based on tested strategies and algorithms tailored to every need. Using Saudi resources and Saudi talent, we assure consistent excellence in every product and service we deliver.


APC OFS Headquarters:
6992 Al Sakha, Al Taawon
Al Khobar, 34632-3613
Kingdom of Saudi Arabia
  • Sun - Thur 7:00 am to 4:00 pm